Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: B.Liv Squeaky Clean beads cleansing gel

This B.Liv cleanser came in a special promotional set that I purchased a while ago. It's an exfoliating gel cleanser with beads and has an herbal, menthol scent which I like. The beads are very fine and gentle and the light-green gel doesn't foam much. Its main function is a cleanser with exfoliating benefits, not a scrub, so it's safe to use every day. (Personally though, I prefer my cleansers and scrubs to be separate products, because I think exfoliating every day isn't very good for the skin!)

The instructions are to put 2-3 pea-sized drops onto your palm and lather with water before applying to your face. However, because it really doesn't foam well at all, I feel like I'm not cleansing my face very well. It does make my face feel tingly and fresh, but I have this niggling feeling that my face isn't very clean, and I need to use toner to remove the residue afterwards.
I like how fine and gentle the beads are, and they're just nicely dense enough to give the right amount of light exfoliation. However, the non-foaming bit annoys me. I have tried applying the gel directly to my wet face, but it feels a little bit off - like it doesn't clean enough. 

For now, I usually use it on the days when my Clarisonic is out of juice and I need to charge it, yet still need some light exfoliation in my cleansing, which is about once a week. Honestly, I had high expectations of this cleanser because I loved my other B.Liv products, but this one missed the mark. I have read a lot of rave reviews of this cleanser though, so who knows, maybe it's just me!

Rating: 6/10

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