Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Manicure: China Glaze Candie + Etude House Dear My Party Nails PPK006 Party Lover + Northern Lights + Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Gel Coat

I have about 20 bottles of nail polish in my collection, but everyone around me knows that I hardly ever paint my nails. I find nails really high maintenance and I always type really hard, which is really manicure-killing. Thing is, some polishes are so pretty that I just can't help buying them! Recently I bought some new polishes from Etude House and the 2nd from the right is one of them:
From left: China Glaze Candie, Etude House Dear My Party Nails PPK006 Party Lover, Northern Light Silver, Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Gel Coat
It has a sheer glimmery milky lavender-pink base with lots of glitter in varying sizes and colours. Uber pretty! Here's what is looks like applied alone (2 coats + 1 layer of topcoat):
It's really pretty and all, but as the base is really sheer, you'll get visible nail line. I wasn't super satisfied with that amount of bling, so I decided to load up on the glitter by layering a combination - 1 layer of China Glaze Candie (sheer ballet pink glitter), 2 layers of Etude House, 1 layer of silver Northern Lights (clear polish with silver microsparkle) and 2 layers of Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Top Coat. 
Pretty, right?! Glitter sandwich anyone! It looks like a unicorn puked fairy dust all over my nails! Pity my camera couldn't really focus well and get a good picture - I tried taking a million pictures but none of them truly reflect how shiny and bling this manicure is! The combination of different glitters is really complex, multilayered, 3-dimensional and beautiful - you can see that different glitters are suspended within the polish. LOVE.

There's another Etude House polish which has colorful paper hearts suspended in clear polish with microsparkle. I put a little paper heart on my thumb:

I am loving how much more complex the glitters look. Chunky ballet pink glitter from China Glaze Candie, followed by multi-sized multi-coloured glitter from Etude House Party Lover, and finished with silver microsparkle from Northern Lights, topped with an irresistable squishy jelly gel coat!

The tragedy is... The quality of Etude House PPK006 Party Lover really isn't very good. It gains massive points for being such a pretty, unique polish, but it's rather gloopy and hard to work with, and it chips very easily. The first time I wore it, it lasted 3 days. The second time, it chipped within the day. Then again, it's a cheap polish - just $6.90 a bottle!

Rating: 7/10 (It's still worth it in my opinion... because it's so pretty!)

Oh and I should do a rating of the Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Gel Coat too - I've used it about 3 times with different polishes, and I love the glossiness and shine and ease of application, but it chips off rather easily, after 5 days max. As compared to my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, Sally Hansen is a much more lasting and protective top coat, but not as easy to apply, because the brush is more narrow and the Mega Shine top coat is a little more gloopy, so it might lead to streaks. 

Rating: 7/10

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