Sunday, September 8, 2013

Q3-2013 Rambling

It's been a while! A lot of things have been happening in my life during the almost-2 months I was missing from the blogging world - I started doing yoga, pilates and ballet lessons in July for about 4 hours each week, which left me wiped out and exhausted (in a good way)! I have 2 hours of class on Wednesdays which leaves me pumped with adrenaline, so I can't really get to sleep till 1am in the morning, which makes me so tired the next day at work. 

My weekends have also been packed with stuff and I had 2 holidays - in August, I went to Kuala Lumpur with my friends and this week, I just came back from a staycation at Sentosa. So I really haven't had time to blog much, but I will be starting again soon because I have such a backload of stuff to review!

Just this week, I repurchased a couple of items from a skin doctor I went to years ago - his products really healed my skin. I haven't used the products for many years, because my skin was fantastic and awesome. What made me go back and buy them again, was because my skin right now isn't healing. My skin started getting really badly clogged in the second quarter of 2012, and I thought that it was due to stress and late nights from work. (I used to work really crazy hours - think 3am, plus weekends.) So, I expected my skin to get better after I switched jobs at the end of 2012. However, it's been over 8 months at a less stressful job (well, excluding the stress from learning my new job!) and my skin is still not as smooth and clear as it was before. So I'm hoping that starting on the products again will heal my skin. I will update on my progress, cross my fingers!

Anyway, here are some photos of the Gardens by the Bay which I went to recently - 
I went to Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. This is the Cloud Forest, during a watering session, where the mist is sprayed out to water the plants. Really pretty. 
This is at Flower Dome. I like how the leaves look so faded and pastel - they make it seem like I adjusted the colours but this is how it looks like in real life!
I know a lot of people like showy, big blooms, but I like tiny, dainty ones - they're so detailed and perfect and would make really good doll-sized bouquets!
Oh, these are pictures taken at the RWS SEA Aquarium. Pretty jellyfish!

Ok, enough pictures. You know... honestly, I always take a lot of photos but I'm way too lazy to put them online. I don't even update my Facebook. I'm always in awe of people who blog daily or update their Facebook pages even on vacation! Not for me.

Sometimes, for me, blogging is something that I need to tick off my to-do list. Previously, I would blog 1 post every weekend. (You can probably tell from the date of my posts.) But such structured posting goes against my spontaneous nature. Sometimes I'm just so tired on weekends from going out and just living! So I had to rethink - what's the purpose of this blog?

I turned this blog into a beauty blog because I was buying way too many products and I have a really bad memory, so I needed to review the products so that I could remember which were the duds and which were the amazing ones worth repurchasing. Along the way I got lost and started posting lots of my own travel/going out photos as well, which is fine, but I really hate uploading photos because it takes so much time. Now I realise, I'm fine with not Facebooking and letting the world know what I'm doing. That's because I'm too busy living my life!

Basically I decided, it's ok to not upload every single photo of my travels. Nobody needs to know the entire itinerary of my vacations. (Right?)

I'll stick with blogging about the things I love, which includes product reviews, decluttering and organizing, and maybe some style posts. And hell yeah, I love travelling and going out, but since I detest uploading my photos, I'll probably skim by those. :D Maybe one day I should do a huge post on photo organization (when I get down to it). Just maybe.

Till next time! :)

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