Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Cle de Peau Concealer

Finally some make-up! Well, base make-up but make-up nonetheless. I've been blogging so much about skincare these days. Anyway, I'll be reviewing Cle de Peau's famous stick concealer. It comes in 4 shades - Ivory, Beige, Ochre and Honey (in order of light to dark). I have 2 shades - Ochre and Ivory. Ivory is the yellow-based fairest shade. Beige is pink-based fair-medium. Ochre is yellow-based medium. Honey is a yellow-orangey medium-dark. 
L - R: Cle de Peau concealer in Ochre and Ivory
The tubes above are fully extended. I have used Ochre daily for about 6 months and you can see there's still a lot left! (Use-by period is 24 months, so one concealer stick will last you 2 years, so even though it's pretty dear at US$70, cost per use is only about US$0.10 per day!) Ivory is brand new. I have MAC NC25-30 skintone but I have really dark circles around my eyes and I use Ochre to conceal them. Ochre was too dark to conceal blemishes on the other parts of my face (which is pretty fair) so I tried using Ivory but it's a tad too light. :( Beige is too pink-based for my yellow-based Asian skintone. I wish Cle de Peau would come up with more colours!
L - R: Cle de Peau concealer in Ochre and Ivory
L - R: Cle de Peau concealer in Ochre and Ivory
I swatched these on my inner forearm which is lighter than my face, which is why Ochre looks so dark. Well, what do I love about this concealer? It's really easy to use - just swipe and tap onto skin. Coverage is excellent and lasts well. It doesn't crease on my undereyes, unlike some cream-type concealers. It is a very functional concealer - semi-matte finish. No bells and whistles, no luminizing/brightening properties - it just conceals and lasts for a day on me and looks natural. So natural, in fact, that nobody can tell I've got make-up on. (Because these days, I usually use just concealer, sunscreen and loose powder.) Is this a good thing? I'm undecided. 

I do wish they made more shades though! Ochre is good for my undereyes but somehow I feel that while it does its job well - it is a rather expensive concealer so I would expect more things -  subtle luminescence? Make me look more bright-eyed and awake? I wish Cle de Peau would make a yellow-toned shade that is in between Ivory and Ochre. That would be absolutely perfect!

I'm sure some people would say it's not moisturizing enough for the undereye - but see, I believe this is supposed to be a multi-purpose, convenient, swipe-and-go concealer stick that you can use all over your face, not just your undereyes. It's tiny and portable and covers in a jiffy. Maybe one day I will outgrow it but currently this concealer fits my needs (swipe-and-go!) so I do think I will repurchase it.

Rating: 9/10 (-1 due to limited shade issues)

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