Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rilakkuma love + Maxim matcha latte?!

Look what my sister bought me I made my sister get me!!

My dear Rilakkuma is so cute!!! He looks like some weird conductor on my digital piano.

R-rated Maxim matcha latte! Haha... it's really cute cos it bubbles up when you mix it in. $4.50 for 5 sticks at Yamakawa.


Aralka said...

o mi god!
I love Rillakuma <333333
so cute!
is it big? :D

(( Ms. K )) said...

That's a cute doll, I wish I can make my sister get me it. hehe

Huiyi said...

oh my i nearly wanted to buy that Rillakuma soft toy for you also leh!!! luckily i haven buy!!! =D or maybe you want another one?? they can be friends!!!

feeyona said...

Aralka: it's about 7 inches tall!

Huiyi!!! I don't mind! HAHA :D i can have a rilakkuma family :D yay!!!


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