Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girls and Bitchiness

I feel quite ill thinking about the fact that my future workplace will probably be teeming with female co-workers. I'm so afraid of going to work every day, having to put up with bitchiness, acid tongues and evil gossip.

I know I'm bitchy as well, but when I'm bitchy I actually feel guilty about it and I would never bitch about someone to her face, because I'm a feminist and I can't find it in myself to go against a girl. I would happily attack irritating guys though. Then again, I don't get as annoyed at guys because their annoying characteristics can be explained away as a gender problem, while for girls, I can't understand why they'd go against their own gender, you know?

And the most annoying thing is that I try to be nice to bitchy girls, but it really doesn't work, so I do what comes naturally - act blur. It's kind of unhealthy though, I really don't know how much more blur I have to act when I'm naturally quite blur already. And it sucks more when the people beside you don't stand up for you. (Well that's cos they're not my friends - and I don't mean it in a mean way, it's just a fact, we're mere acquaintances who know each other barely a couple of weeks.)

Now the most most most annoying thing is when your real friends know the bitchy agressor (not very well, but the idea's there) and they don't believe she can be so bitchy. It makes me want to cry when I complain to them about everything I've endured and they just brush it off and tell me it can't be that bad, she seems like a nice person, maybe I'm thinking too much.

I'm really not. Even guys (who are not as perceptive as girls) would realise something was wrong from the way -bitchy girl(s)- talk to me, but they won't do anything cos they're too nice, they'll just give this sidelong glance, but do nothing cos they don't wanna get involved (which is a smart move - bitchy girls are SO SCARY).

I'm quite depressed at the mo, can you tell?

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