Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 4

On day 4, we set off for Danshui! This is Danshui Old Street 淡水老街.

We had our first try of Aiyu - it's basically iced lime jelly.

Then we stopped for a lunch of Ah-Gei (阿給), which is kind of like tofu with a fishcake top, stuffed with crystal noodles, and served with a sweet, slightly spicy-ish sauce. Yum!
The famous foot-long ice-cream which melted really fast in the summer heat and ruined my leather shoes. Looking on the bright side, I threw them away at the end of my journey so that made my luggage lighter. Haha!

At the seaside, near the jetty.

We took the ferry to Fisherman's Wharf (渔人码头) which is a great place!
But first - a stop at the restroom. (Of course we went to the other one!) Just thought this is so cute cos it looks like a gentle man. ^^

The Lovers' Bridge (情人桥) is awesome! It's so breezy on the bridge, I could stand there forever! And it's really a lovers' bridge - Tracy found her soulmate there!!! :O But that's another story for another day... :P

So that was Fisherman's Wharf. I miss it!
We had a dinner of Danshui fishballs which have meat stuffing. Not bad! I had pudding milk tea from Quickly too - there used to be Quickly in Singapore but not anymore, and I really miss the pudding milk tea! But the Taiwan one tasted different - sad.
Tracy bought candied haw - she liked the candy and I liked the haw! Awesome. :D

Here's the whole bunch of iron eggs (铁蛋) that I bought - they're like Danshui's specialty. The Ah-Po Tie Dan (阿婆铁蛋) are apparently the real thing, but after eating I think it's kind of hard and chewy and takes some getting used to. Then again, they're meant to be that way, that's why they're called iron eggs! The Naughty Eggs (頑皮铁蛋) are a newer brand but they're softer and more like 卤蛋, so I think they're better for young people. I bought some hair ties too, even though I have short hair. See, I'm the epitome of a crazy illogical shopaholic. ^^V
We went back to our hotel at Ximending to put our stuff down, then headed out again to Carrefour! The Carrefour in Ximending is open 24-hours, a large-ish 4 or 5 story building. We bought loads of stuff! Upon Tracy's (or rather Janice's) recommendation, I bought some instant beef noodles too, and thank God I did cos they taste fantabulous, scrumptious, absolutely 100% slurptastic!!!!!!! :D Tracy bought like so many back for Janice, lol.

The caramel milk tea, I bought on recommendation from my younger sis' friend... but it's merely ok. I knew it - little kids cannot be trusted. :P The Oolong tea biscuits were a lucky find of mine - they're really fragrant and yummy!!! :D

Till my next Taiwan entry - Day 5 will be Taipei Main Station, Wufenpu (again - crazy shopaholics) and Shihlin Night Market!!!

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